Warp Core Stabilizer II

tl:dr – limits the CPU usage of EVE clients in the background to stop your CPU setting on fire.

Warp Core Stabilizer II (WCSII) is a little notification tray utility I wrote to help me when running multiple clients. As I often use an ultrabook, it was becoming a problem that when I have multiple EVE clients open they’d use a not insignificant amount of CPU. This would cause heat, and in a small frame like an ultrabook, ultimately throttling. I’d tried ThrottleStop, fancy cooling pads, undervolting, and still couldn’t quite cope with ~4 clients open. When minimized they use a lot less resources, but not quite as few as I’d like, plus often it’s inconvenient to constantly minimize clients instead of alt-tabbing, so I built this utility.

It’s extremely simple and requires no config. Once opened, it’ll add a small icon to your notification area (Please be careful not to option multiple instances, weird stuff could happen). It’ll then monitor for running eve clients (by name, “exefile.exe”), and monitor the process ID of the active window. Any eve client that is not the active window have its CPU usage forcibly limited via Windows’ JobObject API.


  • Windows, ideally 7 or newer. There will never be a Linux/MacOS version due to the way the utility works.
  • .Net Framework 4.0 or higher. You should already have this.


  • Throttle CPU usage of background EVE clients (both minimized and unminimized) to reduce heat generation and prevent CPU throttling while improving overall system performance.
  • Restrict inactive EVE clients to 33% of any processor core. (For example, a hyperthreaded quad core (8 logical cores) would apply a 4% CPU limit).
  • Balance inactive EVE clients across multiple cores (hyperthreading aware) to evenly spread heat generation and avoid many processes clogging up Core 0.


  • Closing the utility will immediately close all of your EVE clients, no warning. Be careful!
  • Any crash within the utility will also cause all your EVE clients to suddenly close.
  • When running many clients, you might find 1-2 seconds of lag when swapping to a different client as the CPU limit is released and it comes back up to speed.
  • Launching clients with the utility running may take an excessively long time. This should be fixed in a future release.
WCSII in action
At the red line WCSII is activated. CPU usage immediately drops, and throttling is reduced (bottom chart). Excuse the CPU spike due to tabbing out to turn on WCSII.